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Kim took this picture on the front lawn of the White House, while lobbying in DC for disability rights. Thank you, Kim!

Wheel Life Giveaway – Free Bumper Cards for Your Ride

Update: We are now sending these as postcards instead of stickers!


Many people have heard about Wheel:Life’s online programs and special giveaways, but did you know Wheel Life is a global initiative that assists people in addressing the many questions and challenges that come with using a wheelchair? Wheel:Life resources help people:

  • find quality health and medical resources, related research and news;
  • explore educational and employment avenues;
  • research the proper adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home modification and home medical equipment for their needs;
  • network within local and virtual peer support groups;
  • discover accessible travel destinations; and
  • enjoy a full and active life as a wheelchair user.

Another part of our active outreach program is providing support and encouragement for friends who use wheelchairs.  If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably see our posts along those lines frequently, as well as related research news and human interest stories.

One of our most popular posts are the free giveaways that Wheel:Life offers periodically.  We’re able to provide these free giveaways and promotional programs thanks to the generosity of our sponsors like Hollister Incorporated, Cure Medical, At Home Medical, Medtrade and SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine.  Learn more about our sponsors here.

More than 30,000 people saw our last giveaway, a bumper sticker that invoked a little British humor while appealing to friends who grow weary of the second glances they receive while moving about town in their chair.

This September, our amazing friend Kim Ravenscraft Harrison of Transverse Myelitis Awareness Georgia was lobbying in Washington, DC for Disability Rights and she shared a little bit of Wheel:Life with the White House!

Kim took this picture on the front lawn of the White House, while lobbying in DC for disability rights. Thank you, Kim!

Kim took this picture on the front lawn of the White House, while lobbying in DC for disability rights. Thank you, Kim!

And Kim wasn’t alone, as Wheel Life mailed out more than 1000 of the Keep Calm stickers to friends nationwide.  Chances are good you might see one soon on the back of a wheelchair in your hometown. Don’t worry though if you didn’t snag the Keep Calm sticker while it was still available! We’ll be bringing it back for Round 2 soon.
*Due to cost, only available to US residents please.

Fill out the request form below and we’ll mail a Wheel Life postcard to you soon:


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